About Us

Atlas Footprints is the brainchild of George and Immy. We’re two twenty-somethings with a desire to get some travelling done, but that is a way off, so we’re gonna get the blog rolling now. We are both University of Nottingham English Lit & Lang graduates who have developed a passion for digital marketing and a love for the city of Notts, as we try to live the best possible life we can.

Atlas Footprints currently has a focus on lifestyle, like food & drink, events and fun with a heavy flux of Nottingham-related content as that’s where we’re currently based! The travelling content is a case of as and when. We aren’t flush with cash so expect budget options unless one of us wins the lottery.


I’m an SEO/Digital PR/Content G, which means I write a LOT. This blog partially came about as a way for me to learn some web skills and sharpen my search tool set outside of the office. It’s also made me realise that bloggers get a shit tonne of spam so I now understand why it takes people so long to reply.


  • Film and TV addict
  • Defender of the DC Cinematic Universe
  • Barry Allen = Life ⚡
  • Partial Vegan. All veggie. (Lactose intolerance ruins lives)


I have somehow managed to combine my two favourite things; eating out and digital marketing! Working for a restaurant marketing agency means I spend a lot of time looking at delicious food – it’s hungry work. I can’t wait to share some gems from the Nottingham restaurant and bar scene, and (of course) trying out some new places along the way!


  • Wannabe gin connoisseur
  • Will pet any dog that comes within 10 feet
  • Love a house plant
  • (Not-so) newbie veggie/vegan