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Best Vegan Restaurants in Nottingham

the angel microbrewery tandoori tofu kebab

Whether you’re a veggie with intentions of veganism, full-on vegan, or just can’t eat dairy – Notts has so much to offer for your diet.

Check out the best vegan cafes, restaurants and pizza places below to see where we like to eat and to make sure you are going somewhere to get a good meal. Think we’ve missed one? Leave a comment or let us know on social!

Vegan cafes in Nottingham

Fox Café

fox cafe vegan breakfastLet’s start with the most important meal of the day – breakfast. This place is perfect if you’re looking for the ultimate vegan brunch. It has a super cute interior (foxes of all shapes and sizes everywhere!) and street-side seating, which makes for a beautiful sun-trap in the summer. They have a veggie and vegan option when it comes to the Full English, and both are equally delicious. Plus, the food is so fresh, it doesn’t leave you feeling guilty!

Price: £

Hot tip: Try and get a table outside so you can watch the world go by.

No. 12 Houndsgate

no 12 houndsgate vegan foodThis is THE place to go for quality vegan food, and it has some of the best fake meats we have ever tried. We’re talking chicken, bacon, pastrami and other filthily good vegan alternatives. It is a small, but wonderful, independent cafe tucked away in a corner of the city centre. Co-owners Ritchie and Lauren, pride themselves on making their dishes from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. They only opened less than a year ago, and have since made a huge impact on the Notts food scene, even winning best vegetarian in the Midlands – how insane is that!

Price: ££

Hot tip: Get there before the lunch rush, as there isn’t a lot of space inside!

Blend (Sneinton)

blend coffee shop vegan grilled cheeseCheese toasties are the ultimate comfort food, and Blend absolutely nail them. They have a huge selection of different grilled cheeses, but what we were excited about was their vegan option. There is only one option for vegans, but it changes fairly regularly. This visit we had the ‘Cheesy Harrelson’, which was the most delicious blend (excuse the pun) of vegan cheese, sun-dried tomato chutney and fresh basil. They also have six different dairy-free milk options and we are slowly making our way through trying them all. Don’t judge us, we live down the road!

Price: ££

Hot tip: Try the Beetroot Latte. You won’t regret it.

Dash Vegan Cafe

This is the new kid on the block! They are a brand new vegan cafe in the ever so quirky Cobden Chambers. They started as a vegan shop and have expanded to a cafe and zero-waste store in their new city centre location. They are open Friday to Sunday making them a great weekend spot to get a bite to eat and stock up your cupboards with all your shopping needs (minus the plastic!)

Price: ££

Hot tip: Bring some jars to stock up on your products whilst your there!

The Kitchen on Pelham Street

The Kitchen (used to be called Homemade) is the perfect spot for brunch, lunch and everything in between. The staff are great and we’ve even made menu suggestions to them before – vegan shakes are now on the menu js. It’s almost opposite Fox Café but has a much larger space. They do an extremely tasty vegan breakfast, which is insta-worthy and feels good when you eat it. Great spot – just look for the blue sign and the glorious cakes in the window.

Price: ££

Hot tip: It gets bloody busy on a Sunday brunch slot so get there early.

Vegan Restaurants in Nottingham

The following are all restaurants that either have a brilliant vegan menu or are entirely vegan themselves. Let us know if you think we’ve missed one!

Annie’s Burger Shack

This is a Nottingham icon. If you haven’t been to Annie’s, have you really lived in Notts?

They are renowned for their big, crazy burgers, making it a meat-eaters heaven. What you might not know, however, is they have a vegetarian and vegan option for everything. That’s right, every single one! “The Big Breakfast Burger” – no probs. “New York Chilli Dog” – yep. Even the “Bacon Blues”!

This is the perfect place to get your vegan junk food fix.

Price: ££

Hot Tip: Don’t be put off if you haven’t booked and they say there is a long wait for a table. There is a great bar downstairs where you can get a few bevs and they often over-estimate the waiting time!

The Angel Microbrewery

The Angel is renowned for its great beers and veggie/the angel microbrewery tandoori tofu kebabvegan pub grub, but they recently had a menu revamp which was inspired by the famous Alley Cafe (we miss you!) So, of course, we had to try it out. They’ve introduced more lighter options which are perfect for summer, whilst also keeping some of the Angel classics, like their veggie sausage and mash.

We tried our the Tandoori Tofu Kebab with couscous and mint yogurt, and their Seitan Steak with peppercorn sauce and chips. The kebabs were spicy and delicious and the steak was what only could be described as “norty”!

If you miss Alley Cafe or just fancy some amazing vegan food paired with a pint, this is the place for you!

Price: £

Hot tip: Go on a Wednesday for their half price humpday offer. It makes their food even more of a bargain!

Mowgli Street Food

We’re talking top notch Indian street food served in traditional tiffins. Oh and you can eat it all whilst rocking on a swing! These guys have a whole vegan menu packed full of really flavourful and varied Indian dishes. Perfect to quench that curry craving. We really recommend the Fenugreek Kissed Fries, Green Ginger & Rhubarb Dahl and the Picnic Potato Curry. Or if you’re a gambler, you can get the Vegan School Tiffin box and get 4 dishes “chosen by mother”. Food roulette at it’s finest!

Price: ££

Hot tip: Swings are super instagrammable, but not comfortable!

La Storia (West Bridgford)

If you fancy venturing out of the city-centre for your next meal out, West Bridgford is the place to go.

La Storia is off the main high-street, so it is a bit of a hidden gem! They are a family-run Italian restaurant serving up authentic cuisine, much like your ‘Nonna’ used to make. You might be thinking: “Italian food?! But, that’s all meats and cheeses?” You’ll be pleased to hear, they have a whole vegan menu packed full of delicious dishes. We shared the Antipastia to start and had the Melanzane Fritte Napoletane for main, which is essentially deep-fried aubergine. You just can’t go wrong with that!

Price: ££

Hot tip: Follow them on Instagram for regular updates on the menu and specials. (Warning: it will make you hungry!)

The following are places we recommend but haven’t got round to writing content for yet (check Insta though).

Café Roya (Beeston)

A hidden gem in Beeston! This place serves up 100% vegetarian Persian-inspired cuisine and also does a load of vegan options. They design a new menu each month using fresh, organic produce and they don’t hold back on the creativity. Really cute date night spot, with a unique, cosy layout and candles and fairy lights a plenty!

Price: ££

Hot tip: Be sure to check their lunchtime menu out as well, as it is totally different.

Bar 31K

A bar serving meatballs. Who knew? We love Bar 31K for a Friday night drink (they won best bar in the NRBAs ’19 – wheyoo), but tell you what, they also smash a lunch! It’s a really simple and cool concept where you pick your “ball”, sauce, carb then greens. They’ve always got at least one vegan option from each section too. Not too shabby for a fiver!

Price: £

Hot tip: If you’ve got a short lunch break, just give them a message on Instagram and pre-order!

Bar Iberico

Bar Iberico used to be terrible for vegans, but the vegan menu they introduced in 2019 just gets better every time we eat from it. Everyone knows Bar Iberico is one of the best spots in Notts, but now we would say it’s one of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham due to their menu upgrade. There’s a lot on offer, it’s all so bloody good and just typing this now makes me want to go.

Price: ££

Hot tip: You can’t book tables unless you’re a group of 5 or more so rally the troops if you want to secure a Friday night spot.


Wagas had to go on here just to make you aware that their vegan offering si quality. We love the Vegatsu and have never had a bad vegan meal at Wagamamas. Yes, most of this list highlights the massive independent scene Notts has to offer, but if you want that vegan katsu, there’s only one place to go really, and that’s ok.

Price: ££

Hot tip: Make the most of that free green tea gang!


Baresca is very similar to Bar Iberico, however, the former had the vegan tapas menu in Nottingham first so they win that one. The food is very similar to Iberico, but to judge it in it’s own right… it’s amazing too! Hidden down a little alleyway it can be a bit of a pain to find if you’re not local, but it’s massive inside so there’s usually space when you do find it. Be sure to ask for the vegan menu when you go in, it’s always growing and they’re very good at keeping things separate.

Price: ££

Hot tip: See if the lunch deal is on cos that is so good for the price!


To be straight, this is not a restaurant, but it’s also not a café. Either way, our pals over at Mocky-D had to feature on this list. If you’ve ever craved a Big Mac, or a dirty kebab, these guys have got you covered… providing that you want to eat this in the afternoon, from a street food van, Thursday-Saturday. Yes, it’s limited, but it is also outrageously good vegan junk food. Don’t miss out, hunt them down and get yourself a Big Mock!

Price: £

Hot tip: Check the secret menu when you get there (their bacon is filthy good).


Sometimes you just want pie, mash ‘n gravy don’t you? Well, that’s why Pieminister is here and it’s bloody brilliant. They usually have one or two vegan pies on the menu, one being a creamy mock chicken, and another a fake gravy and beef. It’s casual dining at it’s finest. The pies go down a right treat especially when washed down with Freedom Brewery beers (obvs vegan).

Price: £

Hot tip: If you cba to go to Pieminister for a meal, Waitrose often stocks their pies for you to eat at home!

Vegan Pizza in Nottingham

There are quite a few places to go for vegan pizza in Nottingham so naturally, we had to give this lovely Italian dish it’s own section!

MOD Pizza

This is basically Subway for pizza! Step 1: Pick your sauce. Step 2: Get that vegan cheese on there. Step 3: Go wild with toppings. There’s a lot to offer and George is particularly fond of chickpeas on a Pizza, a relatively niche taste that MOD seems to cater for.

For £7.87, you can’t go wrong.

Price: £

Hot tip: If you still have that student card knocking around in your purse, make sure you get that discount, and they’ve got a loyalty scheme too!

Oscar & Rosie’s

oscar-and-rosies-vegan-restaurant-nottinghamAnother Nottingham icon! Oscar and Rosie’s has been quoted as “the best pizza in Nottingham” and we couldn’t agree more. They have a whole menu dedicated to vegan pizzas, containing all the best meat-free puns. Seeing as both of us have never been the biggest fans of vegan cheese, we scoffed our pizzas down. We recommend the ‘Tyrannosaurus Veg’ or ‘Cheat Sweats’!

Price: ££

Hot tip: Their ‘Famous 14 Inchers’ are definitely big enough to share. Get a side of potato wedged if you’re feeling really peckish!

Pizza Storm

Two pizzas on a table with soft drinks at PizzaStorm in NottinghamIf you’re familiar with MOD Pizza, or this new trend of build-your-own pizza you’ve pretty much got Pizza Storm down already. It’s got an industrial interior with cheeky neon signs and is in a very central location. The staff were friendly, the service was quick and the pizza was crispy and loaded up to how you like it. For the vegans amongst us, it should be noted that their butternut squash is sadly not vegan but there are a whole host of other veggies as you’d expect.

Price: £

Hot tip: They often have offers on – be sure to check their Facebook before you go!

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