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Digbeth Dining Club: No Bones Meat Free Review

George is a Brummy and somehow until now he’d never taken me to Digbeth Dining Club. When we saw there was a No Bones vegan event we jumped at the chance to finally go the the famed dining club! We booked our train tickets and decided to have a spontaneous day out in Birmingham coupled with some Christmas shopping.

Want to see what we munched on? Keep reading!

The venue

We were hesitant about a street food club in middle of December. Vegan junk food, yes. Vegan junk food sat in the freezing cold, no thanks! But the venue is set in a big fat marquee attached to an old warehouse, with a great collection of unique rooms to eat and drink in. With live music to top it all off there was a real chilled Sunday sessions vibe, perfect for a pint and some filthy vegan food. If you’ve never been to Digbeth or the Dining Club before, it’s about a 10/15 minute walk down the road from the Bullring shopping centre right in the heart of Birmingham. You’ll know you’re there by the crazy amount of street art dotted about and cool venues hidden under railway arches.

The stalls

There were 6 stalls trading, with 2 more advertised on Facebook – one vendor broke their leg so totally understand why they couldn’t make it – not sure about the other one. Either way, there was more than enough choice!

The vendors were made up of the following guys, feel free to check them out below:

The food

Down to what we’re all here for – the food. In short, what we ate was freaking incredible and it genuinely haunted my dreams for a good week after.

vegan vice burger

Vegan Vice’s TenderCrop Chick’n Burger

When we see vegan junk food we always get way too excited and struggle to make up our minds on what we should demolish first, so we ALWAYS end up sharing a few things.

The hench queue was definitely the first indication that we should try out Vegan Vice first. We opted for the TenderCrop Chick’n burger, and whilst it was a bit of a wait, it was worth every bite! The mock chicken was seitan deep fried in a crispy batter with mayo and sweet pickle in a brioche bun. We, of course, added cheese and ‘facon’ for good measure. In their own words, they are “burgers that will turn you vegan” and we totally agree. It was a messy feat, but damn it was good!

They are currently touring around the UK to make great food at festivals, carnivals, and street markets. So if you spot them, we suggest you join that queue ASAP.

doner summer vegan doner kebab

Döner Summer’s kebab

It was really tough to not just get 100 of those burgers. But in the spirit of trying as much as possible, we opted for a “Bad Girl Berlin” kebab from Döner Summer. No regrets!

When we were meat eaters, there was nothing I hated more than a dirty kebab from the chip shop, so I was highly sceptical about trying this. Honest to god, now all I want in the world is for these guys to open up a shop in Notts so I can go there every Friday night.

The Bad Girl Berlin a naughty combination of ‘Secret Spiced’ seitan doner, sunset peppers & onions, hash brown hunks, pink pickled cabbage. shredded carrot, quick pickles, hot stuff hot sauce and garlic mayo in a traditional flatbread. And breathe.

Best. Thing. Ever.

We really wanted to try more but after the food and beer, we honestly couldn’t fit anymore in and needed to be able to walk to the train station, so there’s definitely opportunity to return.

Did you get to try out this awesome vegan pop up? Have you tried any of the other traders’ food before?

Let us know in the comments or on social media @AtlasFootprints.

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