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Make No Bones @ Temple of Fun Review


One of the biggest misconceptions about vegan food is that it’s all about superfoods and Buddha bowls. Introducing: vegan junk food.


We popped over to Sheffield for the day last weekend to see our main man George Ezra at Don Valley Bowl, so we of course had to try the famed ‘Make No Bones’. The vegan street food kitchen is housed in an old industrial building converted into Church, Temple of Fun (a venture by Oli Sykes from Bring me the Horizon – who knew?)This place really does what it says on the tin. Amongst the bars and tables overlooking the River Don, there is an arcade of PlayStation gaming pods, a pool table and an old-school cool pinball machine. The bar is varied (they have Mango Cider on tap) and the staff were friendly and efficient. The only downside to this cool hangout is that it is a good 20 min walk out of the city-centre, but, trust us when we say it is definitely worth it. If you don’t fancy the walk, there’s a tram spot not too far away called Infirmary Road if are not mistaken.

Cutting down on plastic too

To add to the super chill vibe, Make No Bones operates as a walk-in street food kitchen where everything is served fresh in containers make from biodegradable sugar cane waste products, meaning they are fully compostable in approx. 12 weeks (David Attenborough would be proud!) We didn’t realise this at first, so we were a little bit miffed when we got our food in what looked like plastic containers. They should definitely look at shouting about this somewhere – it’s kind of a big deal. But, we’re getting distracted. Let’s chat about the most important thing – the food!

make no bones sheffield The burgers were stacked high

We got a little bit excited and went wild with our order, as vegan junk food is something Nottingham is definitely lacking. We over-indulged in the Tinsley Tower Burger (Chicken burger with cheesy hash brown and sweet chilli sauce), the DD Burger (A B12 burger with black BBQ sauce and onion rings in a charcoal bun) and Okonomiyaki Loaded Fries (Fries with chilli tofu, shredded seaweed, pickled ginger and Japanese mayo).

Sharing is caring, so we split the burgers (a very messy feat) and fought over the fries. The chicken burger was like something out of my KFC-filled dreams – crispy, cheesy, deep-fried goodness. All I can say is I probably could’ve easily eaten 5 without batting an eyelid, but alas, we turned our attention to the DD Burger.

make no bones vegan chicken burgerB12 burgers help ease any meat cravings

Now, when I turned veggie, red meat was not something that I lost sleep over. So, whilst the B12 burger is 100% plant and 0% meat, the ‘bleeding burger’ was a little too close for comfort for me. Props to Moving Mountains for making a burger that is barely distinguishable from beef though! George, however, is missing meat a bit more than me so was chowing down on that bad boy through a saucy grin His verdict was that this is definitely the future of beef burgers and loved the charcoal theme they had in the flavour and black colour throughout (super macho).

Japanese loaded fries for days

Now, the fries deserve a paragraph to themselves. This Japanese/American fusion was nothing but revolutionary. Who knew pickled ginger (my favourite sushi topping) could also taste so excellent on chips? Despite being super stuffed from our burger feast, we managed to make room for these loaded fries. Every bite had something different going on, from tangy, to spicy. If you like strong flavours – then these are definitely for you, we still aren’t entirely sure they ‘went’ with our burgers but we got through it all without problem.

All in all, the food was next level and transported us to vegan junk food heaven! Something we definitely earned after the trek there. Temple of Fun is the perfect venue for these guys and we loved being able to move our food babies to one of the gaming booths to rot on Fortnite afterwards.

If you’re in Sheffield any time soon, you need to check these guys out! Map below to help you get there (it appears out of nowhere if you’re unfamiliar with the area like we were).

Follow them on Facebook here.

Check out Temple of Fun’s website here.

Have you tried ‘Make No Bones’ food before? Let us know in the comments or over on social we’d love to chat vegan junk food.


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