Life in Nottingham as a Graduate

Nottingham city town hall council house with parade in the foreground

Nottingham is home to two banging universities: Trent and Uni of. This means, much to the dismay of the Nottingham Post (now Nottinghamshire Live) comment sections, there is a lot of students living in the city. Aside from the dividing topic of student accommodation, this also means there is a smaller amount of people who stay in the city as graduates. But why would you want to do that?

It’s cheap and we can tell you Notts still has so much more to offer other than saving you a bit of extra dollar every month.

Social life in Nottingham

Students get ruined every week in the vibrant social life in this alcoholic gem of the East Midlands. Aside from getting slaughtered every night, the council are pretty decent at putting on events around the city. If you’re feeling brave you can even venture further afield with plenty of things to do in Nottinghamshire that go beyond Sherwood Forrest (which isn’t worth the drive anyway).

The main draw is obviously the huge variety of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs. But along with this, there’s also a really cool community of meetups, groups and events for all hobbies. Think tech interests, writing clubs, film fanatics and a whole other host of groups, there’s something for all of your quirky interests.

Where is there to work as a Nottingham grad?

Nottingham is a small, but growing, digital hub so if you’re after creative industries you’ll find startups and SMEs alike that would be very keen to hire a talented and passionate graduate. If smaller businesses aren’t your thing Notts is home to e.on, Boots, Experian, Capital One and Games Workshop to name a few. Cheeky tip from someone working in Notts in the digital world, there’s a shit load of jobs that need filling by people with passion and skill.

Two other grads from another Nottingham lifestyle blog En&Gee had this to say about living in Notts as a pair of grads:

“Living in Nottingham as a graduate is great. It’s a perfect city – not too big, but big enough to still be a really fun place to live. There are tonnes of bars, restaurants, big chains and independent shops. You’re essentially in the middle of the country as well, so visiting friends and family is never too much of a hassle. Rent is pretty cheap, the restaurant scene is really cool and there’s a big old castle down the road. What’s not to love?”

Where can you live as a graduate in Nottingham?

If you’re graduating, you’re probably used to living in either Arboretum or Lenton, but there’s a load of places to live in Notts and the wider county depending on what you’re looking for. First off there’s a shed load of housing developments in the city centre for a range of budgets which will be available across various estate agents. An unfortunate pro tip is that in June/July you tend to have to decide if you want the flat there and then because there are other ‘young professionals’ eagerly trying to get it too. Don’t panic sign for a place though, there’s plenty out there.

Other than the city centre here are a list of places some grads will move to after uni:

  • Beeston
  • Wollaton
  • West Bridgford
  • Mapperley
  • The Park
  • Canning Circus
  • Sneinton

Nottingham city events

There needs to be a little bit of a shoutout to the Nottingham City Council who, despite rinsing us of council tax, do genuinely put on a lot of events for the people of Notts all year round. The Market Square in the middle of Notts goes from a winter wonderland, a beach to the showground for many carnivals and events. They put a right shift in with the goal of entertaining the public so there’s usually something coming up to go and have a look at, and there’s always ridiculously good global food stands floating about, much to the dismay of my wallet.

TL;DR: Just don’t write Nottingham off as a graduate destination as it’s a lot of fun and there’s always something going on. You can go move to London in a few years after you’ve saved up enough for the flat deposit. And Rock City. Need I say more.


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