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Nottingham city town hall council house with parade in the foreground

Nottingham lifestyle and food blog

Notts has been our home since starting the University of Nottingham in 2014 (?!?!)  and we love it, life as a graduate in Nottingham is cheap and cheerful. It’s got a vibrant foodie scene, a huge variety of independent shops and it’s generally just a quality place to live all round.

We both work in digital marketing in Notts city centre and our commute is a good 5 minute walk so we spend literally all of our time in the NG1 (not the club anymore). For this reason it features heavily in our blog is probably what many of our followers know us for.

We blog about Nottingham’s restaurants, take snaps of Robin Hood or tweet about bloody great local businesses that we want others to support. There is a whole host of other Notts bloggers here and we’re relatively new in that respect, but we’re happy to be contributing to a wider digital scene. We personally despise the ‘lifestyle blogger’ name as anyone that writes about their life can then slap that tag on, but it’ll do for the moment. We just want to write content about things that interest us, feed us, or engage with us and we hope that comes across in whatever you read on here. 

If you want some quick tips on the best vegetarian restaurants in Nottingham or the top vegan food spots in Notts check our respective blog posts there. 

If you’re working on anything to do with Nottingham or simply want some restaurant recommendations, send us an email or find us on most social media platforms @AtlasFootprints.