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5 Things to Know Before Visiting the Thermal Spas in Budapest

szechenyi thermal baths

You can’t go to Budapest without visiting one of their many thermal spas!

They are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to go in Budapest and are an amazing experience you simply must try, particularly in winter. There are loads of baths across Budapest, from smaller, local ones, to the larger, picturesque locations. We visited the Széchenyi Baths on our trip, the biggest and most popular of all the thermal baths in Budapest, with 18 pools and stunning architecture that is reason enough to go.

But before you grab your swimming costumes and run off for a soak, check out our 5 things you should know before you go to a thermal bath in Budapest to make your experience all that better (and cheaper!)

Go during the week

If you don’t want to be packed in the baths like sardines, visit in the week. At the weekends the baths operate at full capacity so are much busier, but also more expensive. Save yourself a few bucks whilst also having a much better experience.

Winter is the best time of year to go

This may not be the first place you would think to go when it is below 10 degrees, but trust us, the thermal baths are all the more beautiful in the cold. Yes, you may freeze as soon as you step outside in your bikini, but getting in the water it is DREAM. If you go in the summer, you also may not experience the beauty of the steam rising off the water creating a mist around the baths. This is a must.

szechenyi thermal bathsBring flip-flops

Not something you’d think to take on a winter break, but damn, we wished we had known before we packed our bags! If you want to rent some you have to pay a hefty price and it is pretty frowned upon to go bare foot. Luckily we did a little Googling beforehand and went flipflop shopping to save a few bucks. This proved quite tricky in the middle of winter, so we settled for some cheap slippers (not so fun when wet!)

Double up on towels

Yes, this does sound rather excessive, but if you go in winter there is no way you are running between baths without your towel. This means the one you bring around the water gets soaking wet! Leave one in your bag for when you want to dry off, otherwise, like us, you’ll be desperately trying to dry yourself with the one corner of your towel that’s not damp.

szechenyi thermal bathsA waterproof camera is key

This place is perfect for Instagram! The blue water contrasted against the yellow buildings with the steam rising, it’s really something you’ll want to capture. Don’t make the same mistake as us and perilously take snaps above the water. Yes, the Google Pixel 2 may be ‘water-resistance’, but who really wants to test that theory out?

Aside from these tips, all we can say is: prepare for a maze of water, have a soak and just relax!

Have you been to the Szechenyi baths? Tell us all about it below.

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